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Below is a collection of work I created using the brand Grüum as part of my social media marketing portfolio. I created a digital marketing campaign strategy including an Instagram campaign, together with social media marketing posts and copy to fit with the brand and their values. 

I created an Instagram campaign for Grüum which focussed on their core value of inclusivity and diversity. I did this by celebrating their customers and involving them personally in the campaign. 

The hashtag #howigruum is an effective way to get followers and customers involved easily through social media, whilst also increasing exposure to new markets. 

The campaign focusses on how every customer is different, and emphasises that there is no right way, place or time in which to use grüum products, therefore celebrating each individual's needs.

I also chose relevant influencers who would be appropriate to help support the campaign and promote grüum products to a wider audience. 

Next I created social media posts to accompany the launch of a new product. 

The brief stated that the product was not to be revealed completely, therefore the posts must be 'sneak peaks' to spark interest from followers. 

I therefore created a number of social media posts which were optimised to each platform.

I researched what captions would be best for each platform, for example Twitter would be short and sweet, as opposed to Facebook which would be longer and more detailed. 


Throughout the posts I persistently asked followers to engage with the content through questions and call to actions, therefore increasing engagement.

I also included hashtags where necessary to reach larger audiences.   

To support the launch of the new product, I created an email campaign which would be sent to subscribers and customers.

For this I created an email header image in order to catch the reader's attention, without giving away exactly what the product is. 

I also wrote some email copy to accompany this in order to spark interest about the product, as well as guide readers to relevant channels such as the company website and social media platforms. 

A call to action asking the reader to 'Shop Now' gives readers a clear guide of what to do next, increasing the chances of click throughs and as a result views of the website. 

Additionally, I was asked to promote a free shampoo bar through a landing page on the grüum website. 

Here I was to explain what the product is and how the customer could obtain one.

Additionally I created a header to grab the customer's attention.

Below is a collection of images I chose and edited using photoshop to make up a carousel for Instagram. 

These images are promoting the free shampoo bar on offer.

Megan Hinchcliffe - Carousel Image 1 530
Megan Hinchcliffe - Carousel Image 530x5
Megan Hinchcliffe - Carousel Image 2 530

I chose this image to showcase all the shampoo bars on offer.

I chose this image to showcase one shampoo bar up close for a clear view.

I chose this image to showcase the product in use. 

Megan Hinchcliffe - Banner Image 1140x25

Above is another image I chose and edited to showcase the products in a header which could be used in an email or on the website.

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