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Jeanie was a brand I developed in my final year of university. Focussing on the denim industry specifically, Jeanie was developed to provide a re-sale service for consumers with denim they no longer need. By taking this denim and up-cycling it into brand new one of a kind garments, Jeanie fill a gap in the market to provide high quality, 100% recycled garments, whilst also ensuring consumers are educated about the negative impacts of denim production on our environment. This project allowed me to produce several deliverables such as a digital marketing campaign strategy including a brand book, an app, a website and a blog.

Website and App Mock Ups
The Jeanie Journal
Branding Illustrations
Branding Illustrations
Sustainable Bag CAD Illustrations
Patchwork Denim CAD Illustrations

I developed an app for the Jeanie brand which combined both a re-sale service and a shop. The goal of the app was to simplify the selling process for consumers by allowing them to sell directly from their smartphones. The video shown presents how the app is used and the features it includes 

The Jeanie Instagram provides an insight into Jeanie as a brand, showcasing what makes Jeanie unique. The goal is to raise awareness of the environmental impacts the denim industry has on the environment. By utilising Instagram as a marketing platform, Jeanie are able to reach a wide audience and promote not only Jeanie services and products, but also the issues they are working to solve. 

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