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  • Megan Mariah

FFS Shaving Subscription Review - Effortless Beauty

AD || Gifted Product

For months now I have been seeing shaving subscription boxes pop up on my social media feeds and I was so curious to give them a try! I kept seeing the words 'Effortless' 'Friction Free' 'Sustainable' and it was all so appealing to me. Who wouldn't want an effortless shaving experience with none of the worry about razor burn? And with becoming more sustainable being one of my main goals this year, I had to see what the hype was about!

I reached out to FFS, a female shaving subscription brand, with the goal of providing effortless beauty for all, and they kindly agreed to work with me and send me some goodies!

Read on for my full review and opinions.


I was kindly sent the 'Small Rose Shaving Set' which consisted of;

  • 1 beautiful rose gold metal handle

  • 4 blades

  • Shave cream

  • 1 Clamshell Cover

  • 1 Razor Holder

  • 1 Draw String Bag

I was also sent a pack of 6 facial waxing strips as an added extra, which I have to admit I'm too scared to try! Anyone else got waxing phobia?


Sustainability is at the forefront of FFS's product innovation efforts, with a huge emphasis on only using recyclable materials and cruelty free ingredients.

With no plastic to be seen, and all safely nestled in an adorable, slim FSC approved cardboard box, all packaging can be easily recycled. This means that the materials used are from FCS certified forests or from post-consumer waste.

Not only that, but their shaving cream tubes are made from sugarcane polyethylene, which means they are 100% renewable, 100% recyclable and have a low carbon footprint emission. Together with recyclable black caps, their is nothing about this packaging which would be any cause for environmental concern.

And it doesn't stop there.

FFS run a blade recycling scheme where customers are asked to save 12 FFS blades, package them back up in the FFS box you received them in, and send them back to be recycled. So much better than throwing them away to end up in the landfill.

Now onto the main product, the razor

You can choose from 2 colours, Grey or Rose.

Of course I had to have the rose gold handle because the colour is stunning!

Not only that but you can also choose to have your name engraved. A perfect personal touch from FFS.

My initial opinion was that the handle is such good quality. You can really tell how well made it is, not only from the look of it, but from the feel and the weight. It's extremely durable, meaning you won't have to throw it away any time soon, something disposable razors don't provide.

I was optimistic when using this for the first time.

With six diamond coated blades, a precision trimmer blade and a flexible head, it claimed that this would give the perfect effortless shave in fewer strokes than ever before.

Here's the verdict:

I wasn't overwhelmed at first. That's me being completely honest. It thought it basically does exactly the same thing all razors do. I didn't see a difference in the friction, which is something I really wanted to rectify in my shaving regime, so I initially I was disappointed.


After a number of uses I started to see what the hype was about.

  1. The shaving cream is so silky smooth and easy to use. I found that applying it and leaving it for a minute or so gave the best results, as it allowed it to get to work softening the hair for a smoother shave.

  2. Although I don't think it necessarily provides a closer or smoother shave than any other disposable razor, it definitely hasn't left me with razor burn or irritation, something I have struggled with for years.

  3. It is a 100% better option than disposable razors. All the packaging is recyclable, the handle is reusable, and you don't need to worry about the impact your are having on the environment.

  4. The subscription service is completely flexible, meaning you can pause your delivery, change your frequency or cancel your subscription at any time, something that gives you complete piece of mind.

So would I recommend?

Simple answer, YES.

A sustainable alternative to disposable razors is something I believe deserves more hype.

Not only do they reduce the environmental impact otherwise caused by disposable razors, but they also take away the hassle of constantly buying new ones.

So yes, I would recommend!

If you would like to try it, use my link to get your first box for only £6!


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