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Friday Favourites: Revolution Skincare

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

It's been a pretty slow summer this year for obvious reasons and with the world being on hold like it has been, I decided to dedicate the month of August to really zoning in on my skin and figuring out what I need to do to get it looking and feeling it's best.

I plan to come out of this year feeling my best in my skin and to do that I have been trying out some of the Revolution Skincare products for my normal/combination skin.

I have put together a review of some of my favourites to share with you below.

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Revolution Skincare Cleansing Jelly

I have been using the same cleanser for a while now and I wasn't having much luck with finding one I really liked, but when searching for a whole new skincare regime that was not only affordable but did the trick simultaneously, I found Revolution Skincare to have some really good options.

I opted for this Jelly Cleanser. Maybe at first I was drawn in by the cutest baby pink packaging (i'm a sucker for baby pink), but looking into the benefits, I thought this could be a good option for me.

I ultimately wanted a simple cleanser which would get rid of any dirt, makeup or residue left on my face from the day, whilst also leaving my skin looking fresh and healthy.

Enriched with Blueberry and Goji Berry extract, it not only deeply cleanses, but leaves your skin conditioned and looking brighter. And if that wasn't enough goodness, this stuff smells AMAZING. Every time I wash my face i'm hit with a burst of fruity goodness and it's delicious.

Final Verdict: Would recommend. For my combination/normal skin, it seems pretty perfect. It doesn't dry me out, or leave my skin feeling oily. It removes all traces of makeup and I can confidently say my skin feels healthier! Although being used in conjunction with other skincare products, I would still recommend if you are in need of a good, all round beneficial cleanser, at a good price! Now reduced to £4.25 on Beauty Bay.

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Revolution Skincare 2.5% Glycolic Acid Toner

After using a number of toners/tonics I found that my skin thrives after using them as part of my skincare regime. My skin not only looks brighter, but my skin tone is more even, with less texture.

However, the tonics I have used in the past such as Pixi and Paula's Choice, although working wonders, have been extremely pricey for the small amount of product you get, something I couldn't sustain.

So, I went on the hunt for a new one, and low and behold it was Revolution Skincare who caught my attention once again.

I chose the 2.5% Glycolic Acid Tonic, a clarifying toner which cleanses, conditions, gently exfoliates and purifies your skin. The added Ginseng and Aloe Vera helps revitalise and leave your skin feeling fresh. Basically a really good detox!

Now i'm no skincare expert, but I do know that using an acid toner can be harsh on your skin, so if you're not used to it, or have sensitive skin, it would be best to go for a lower percentage such as this one to start off with, then move over the to more intense 5% Glycolic Acid Toner afterwards.

Final Verdict: Love it! Although being an acidic toner, this is so gentle on your skin, so it's great for anyone who may be more sensitive to products like this one. I have experienced a noticeable difference in my skin being smoother and more even, especially round the nose area where I find my pores are more enlarged. Unlike other toners, this stuff smells so so good as well, which is an added bonus!

And if all that wasn't enough, you get so much product for your money! The bottle is huge, holding 200ml, at an amazing price of £7.95 on Beauty Bay! It's a winner if you ask me.

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Revolution Skincare Targeted Under Eye Serum

Before this month I had never used an eye cream/treatment (I know it's bad), and now being the ripe old age of 22, I thought it was time to get on that band wagon and start tackling the problem before it arises later in life. I have been told countless times by older women that they wish they had started their skincare regime at a much younger age, especially using an eye treatment. Now I'm not going to lie that kicked my ass into gear and I went on the hunt for an eye serum.

I went for the Revolution Skincare 5% Caffeine Solution + Hyaluronic Acid Targeted Under Eye Serum.

The Caffeine part definitely jumped out at me as an ingredient which would help me out.

As i've got older, I've noticed the bags under my eyes are getting more prominent, and with my sleeping habits (Night Owl over here), I needed something that was going to wake me the hell up!

Whilst the specially designed serum hydrates your delicate under eye area, the gentle formula utilises it's Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid elements to help reduce puffy under eyes, brighten your dark circles and reduce the appearance of those pesky fine lines your makeup just loves to mosey it's way into. All the benefits we love to hear in a good eye serum!

Final Verdict: At a bargain price of £6 on Beauty Bay, this is a no brainer for those wanting a little pick me up in the under eye area. The formula is light and refreshing, not oily, and leaves your under eyes feeling brighter and much more awake. It glides on like a dream and a little will go a long way. Not to mention the beautiful glass bottle packaging with rose gold details. What's not to love?

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Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost Moisturiser

I have a love hate relationship with moisturiser. I have tried so many and they have all had one thing in common. Too thick and a chore to apply. If there is one thing I know about skincare is that you MUST use moisturiser in order to balance out the natural oils in your skin, even if your skin is naturally oily. I struggled to come to terms with this at first but it's true!

I finally found one I liked, a lightweight formula which felt so nice to apply, however like all good things, it was too expensive to justify repurchasing.

So, me being me, I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and I think I found it!

This Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost Moisturiser is a gel cream which delivers intense moisturising properties and a cooling effect in one. This super lightweight cream is a dream to apply and is ideal for all skin types, good to hear as someone with skin which changes daily. Again containing Hyaluronic Acid, it not only moisturises from the get go, but retains the hydration, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed. I know I have seen a visible extra little glow in my skin since using it and I love it!

Final Verdict: Love it BUT I wish it had SPF. The formula is great, so easy to apply and feels amazing on the skin, but it becomes a chore when you have to apply SPF separately. I know Revolution Skincare have a range of daily moisturisers which do contain SPF however, so I will be trying one of those in the future! Until then, this is a winner!

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