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  • Megan Mariah

How to save money on your next online shopping spree with

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

(This post was written in collaboration with

I don't know about you, but I have spent every year up until now shopping with the luxury of applying student discount at the checkout every time. But now, as my days as a student come to an end, I’m in desperate need of saving some cash!

But if you're anything like me, scrolling through the internet searching for coupon codes is a chore, especially when most of them are either expired, or don't work when you apply them at checkout. Is there anything worse than finally being able to buy that brand-new bag you've had your eye on, and then just as you click add coupon code, the dreaded words appear 'Code Not Recognised'.

I know that feeling all too well and this is where has been my saviour!

Who Are is a female founder-led start-up based in the United Kingdom, addressing the challenge of finding the right coupon code using AI and a growing community of bargain hunters like you and me.

It is a free browser extension which automatically searches for coupon codes for over 38,000 online retailers, and applies the best ones at the checkout, so you can save money whenever you shop online!

How Does It Work?

1 . Download the browser extension for free!

You can download it using Chrome in less than a minute (no waiting around), and it gets to work as soon as you start shopping!

2 . Start shopping with your favourite online retailers.

Shopper work with over 38,000 online retailers worldwide, meaning wherever you like to get your shopping spree fix, be that ASOS, Amazon, Topshop or Nike, there is more than likely a code for you to use.

3 . Let do the work and find a discount that works for you!

If I may quote Shopper themselves, 'Chances are if we cannot find a coupon, it doesn't exist'

4 . SAVE! The best coupon code will automatically be added to your purchase, so you can save money whenever you shop online. Music to my ears since I no longer have my student status to save anymore!

Not only does help you save money, but it also helps you earn money.

Say you're shopping online, and you come across a coupon code which Shopper doesn't recognise. You can share this code with the Shopper community, and every time someone uses it, you earn! All coupons are handpicked by people like you and me, so you know they work! Not only that, but when someone downloads Shopper using your referral link, you earn 20 points and $1/75p per download!

Goodbye to the days of endlessly scrolling through the internet looking for discounts, and hello to the days of buying that brand-new outfit for exactly the price you want.

Final Verdict: What’s not to love? With a growing community of people who just want to save some money, me included, Shopper is a safe and easy way to save when you shop online.

This post was written in conjunction with


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