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Bratislava Travel Guide 2024

Bratislava, Slovakia, might be one of the prettiest cities I have visited in Eastern Europe. With it's quaint cobbled streets and beautiful architecture, it's a must visit place in Eastern Europe.

Here is my quick and easy Bratislava travel guide 2024.


Our Slovakian Air BnB was definitely one of the more basic places we stayed, however not inadequate, and completely suitable for the one night we stayed here.

We arrived super early in the morning after a night train from Krakow, so the ability to check in early was great, especially for that early morning nap after a sleepless night.

Self check in was easy and after a slightly sticky experience with the door (unlocking the door proved difficult which I suppose could be a good thing), we settled in nicely. The apartment consisted of a bedroom and living area, equipped with a bed and table and chairs, a kitchen and entrance way and a bathroom, all very clean, simply decorated and most importantly in a great location, only a short walk from the centre of town.

bratislava air bnb bedroom

bratislava air bnb bedroom

bratislava air bnb bedroom

bratislava air bnb studio apartment

bratislava air bnb studio apartment

bratislava air bnb studio apartment

bratislava air bnb studio apartment

bratislava air bnb bathroom

bratislava air bnb bathroom

Exploring The Streets - Bratislava Travel Guide 2024

Bratislava may be known for many different reasons, but what really stood out to me was the beautiful buildings and quaint cobbled streets, perfect little gems around every corner.

I loved the old time atmosphere and sweet little ice cream shops on the streets, providing the most relaxing days, wandering through the meandering alleys and exploring what Bratislava has to offer.

umbrella street in bratislava

street in bratislava

cobbled street in bratislava

ice cream parlour on the streets of bratislava

Bratislava Castle

One of the main attractions in Bratislava is the castle, standing proudly on top of an isolated hill of the Little Carpathian mountain range. This huge four towered castle, looks over the Danube river and has been doing since the 9th century, providing stunning views of Bratislava once you reach the top. If you don't mind a bit of a walk, this is a great place to visit, providing both a historical outlet and beautiful gardens to lounge around in, especially on a sunny day.

bratislava castle

gardens of bratislava castle

view of river in bratislava

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